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Reg and Pay, Inc. has created a complete professional package of innovative Internet services, which are now available from one convenient source.  Together with our parent company, Convenx, Inc.  We are a full service Internet solution firm designed to meet your rising needs, allowing you to take full advantage of the Internet’s cost effective provisions in simplifying your organization's logistics, lowering your overhead, and increasing your revenues through more efficient marketing strategies.  Join with our team and enjoy the benefits of receiving the highest level of technical expertise and cutting edge web based solutions and applications available for your organization.

If you have identified an area of need in which our field of expertise can assist, then Reg and Pay, Inc. invites you to join our team and together we will achieve the winning solutions.  Our success as a full service Internet firm licensed to meet the rising need of integrating your organization to the Internet will only be accomplished when you take the coach’s position for us to perform under your direction.  We realize and respect the fact that it is your organization and thus your project; we prefer to listen and do it your way, but we will of course recommend.  This way we will all end up as winners! 

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Upcoming Products

Reg and Pay is working with a phone company in designing a Video Conferencing program to allow organization's management to conduct meetings online. Details coming soon.


August 3, 2010

Project Manager System Integrated Into the Program!

Reg and Pay designed a Project Manager to document the various stages of any project which an organization may need to record and archive.  Uploads for documents, photos, maps, audio recordings and videos are included in the program.    

July 15, 2010

Volunteer Tracking System Implemented!

Reg and Pay implements a tracking system for volunteer service so non-profit  organizations can record their membership's participation. 


"Easy to use and manage.  Tried other competitors and was left frustrated.  This program has definitely helped to increase our online donations and organize our membership and annual dues."  

- SD Training Center